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Introducing a really beautiful place just a few kilometers
south of Hua Hin near Pranburi river preserved mangroves
forest and its estuary out in the country and by the ocean.

The Mountains of Peafowls ( as named by author )
              Need Your Attention & Protection.
Out in the Country:  click to listen to the back-ground music if readers preferred while scrolling down the page for a legendary song 
                  from the Three Dog Night

The Mountains of Peafowls are seen at the center of the picture just above
snaked Pranburi river. I took this picture during my flight some years ago.
Small white dirt road can also be seen curving cut across these mountains from
left to right where, along the road, visitors stand a good chance in spotting
some of these beautiful big birds with their voices like howling cats !!! .

( The green preserved mangroves forest can also be seen, just only half of its
entire small coverage, in the most mid-right side of the picture. )
These are almost the last habitats of Peafowls remained between Hua Hin and Pranburi towns, along inner back road near the shore line. I just hope this area would be well preserved for them to survive the too fast development in the territory. The Peacock
and Peahen are beautiful creatures.

Once the towns of Hua Hin, Cha Am, and Pranburi were known as small fishing villages popular amongst visitors for its transquillity. Now it has much changed, losing quite an amount of its old great charm, to become booming beach resorts located perfectly a few hundreds kilometers south of Bangkok. The area of the Mountains of Peafowls, if well preserved, can actually help bring back beauty to the territory to become a sustainable highlight for tourism and pride to the people there and us.
to one day visit the place,  in order to well see the exact
location and to learn its geography.

The big birds love to come out of the woods near the dirt road, ( around one of the markers shown in the above linked-Google Map ), in the morning and before sun set as the whole area is much nicer and cooler than the rest of the day. However, we also stand a chance to spot them near big shady trees as well during the day.

Suggesting that when visiting the place one should respect
the nature and be very careful too not to intrude their habitats
beyond the dirt road. Do not make loud noise, go there in a
smallest group, take nothing and leave nothing there.
Come back and take part, raise awareness, in helping to
preserve these Mountains of Peafowls in some of your
possible ways more or less.

Have Fun,

The Peahen ( female Peafowl ) showed up on a big tree in the late afternoon.

The Peacock ( male Peafowl ) also showed up nearby. He also showed his awesome
colourful tail fully extended but I missed to point my camera quick enough.
Are they beautiful and admirable ?

Another quick easy links to Peafowl knowledge: 
( Present Status :  Endangered  IUCN 3.1 )

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Also, "visiting" the Mountains of Peafowls by bicycle from Pranburi area as well as
Hua Hin area is one of the best ways to experience and to really "meet" these
places and people.

From down-town Hua Hin ride the inner road toward Khao Takiap shortcut, main 4,
and Khao Tao shortcuts and shortly on to the mountains. There're so many interesting
places to stop to see on the way and beyond.

Check out the route by yourself via the same link above to Google Map-Earth.
Scrolling up the Map-Earth to see Hua Hin just north of the Mountains of Peafowls.  
Happy Riding,

( Here is Just a Reminding: When riding: always keep most left of the road, listen to
noises, look ahead, look back and look well around - "Twice" - always signal before
changing directions. )

All photographs by Pete, Chititewan Devakul

Although, it's not sail boats that moored here but the atmosphere certainly does remind us about being at sea.
Click here for back-ground music, a legendary song : The Dove 1974, Lyn Paul's Sail the Summer Winds
(The Dove by Robin Lee Graham who is truly an inspiration to success in life for millions of people.)
Khao Takiap fishing village - Hau Hin, here is where big fleets of sustainable shallow water
fishing boats of local people moored.  It's a peace of mind to see this.
Fresh seafood is available here too for you to buy direct.

The preserved mangroves forest near the estuary of Pranburi river,
south of Hua Hin, just near the Mountains of Peafowls.

In conclusion: The Mountains of Peafowls are not just about well preserving the
habitat of Peafowls, which is a must do, but it's also about entire nature and
environment and of this little green area of watershed to some small reservoirs and
ecology of the remaining tiny mangroves forest. The area certainly plays its role in
keeping our nature well balanced bringing good weather, good environment,
and pride to us and to the world as a whole.

Thank you,

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